February 28, 2022

Tim Elfers | 2022-02-24 04:00:13

"Just wanted to thank David for making a house call today with the weather getting icy! He got my 27 year old grandfather clock running again! David has such an in depth knowledge of clocks. I highly recommend him if you have a clock in need of repair. So glad I chose your company to repair my clock!"
March 24, 2020

Chris Tyler | 2020-03-22 07:02:43

"After buying an older Grandfather clock that came from an estate sale I couldn't get it going and was too afraid to mess with it myself. I knew of a clock shop that had been in Ballwin forever and called them. I was pleased to see it was a small family owned business as mine is also. I talked to Jane for awhile and our love of clocks. She was super friendly!! She sent her husband David out to my house. He took the clock apart, cleaned it, replaced a small inexpensive piece and got it working! We had great conversation and shared some coffee and now my clock runs perfectly and chimes beautifully!! I couldn't be happier with their friendliness and expertise! I highly recommend them I and will call them again if my new clock ever gives me any troubles! Thank you so much!! "
February 25, 2020

Excellent Service

"Our wall clock had stopped running several years ago and we had just gotten to the point where we could think about repairing it or replacing the moment. Jane suggested that they try to clean it first since the movement is no longer made. They cleaned it, repaired a chime that had gone flat and were just delightful to deal with. Before returning it to us they let the clock run for a while to ensure that it kept time properly and that the chimes were sounding correctly. They area wonderful find indeed."
January 29, 2020

Linda Lloyd | 2020-01-08 14:45:53

"We recently moved to St. Louis. Our cherished 100-year-old German grandfather clock was running perfectly when it was disassembled and packed by so called “professionals” in our home and shipped to St. Louis. When our clock arrived and assembled by the same moving “professionals”, it did not keep time or chime. The moving company sent two different local clock repair companies to inspect it, neither could diagnose or they miss diagnosed why our clock was not working properly. Then, fortunately, we found Jane and David. After talking with Jane, David came out the next day! David quickly identified the issues with our clock, repaired it on the spot, and preformed standard maintenance. The price? More than fair! Jane and David are the consummate trustworthy experts we needed to inspect and repair our valuable heirloom timepiece. They are super friendly people who love clocks and the folks who own them! Without a doubt, you can trust them with your timepiece! "
October 20, 2019

"David and Jane are amazing in their knowledge and their service. I wouldn't take my pieces anywhere else. Friendly and informative and they do things RIGHT. That is hard to come by these days. Thanks so much for being the professionals you are. Worth every penny."